July 6, 2019

Extremely compassionate and skilled doctor. Very rare to find such doctors in today’s time and age..


July 6, 2019

Our experience was gr8 with doctor Shobha, She always available over phone and mail in case of emergency. After second baby we go for family planning (Tubectomy surgery) and without any issue or complication you did great job. Thank you Dr. Shobha because of you, my wife second delivery goes very smooth.


July 6, 2019

Very caring and humble natured doctor, feels very happy when doctor speaks to my wife, takes great care and gives good suggestions and medications.


July 6, 2019

We were in favour of a normal delivery and Dr. Venkat guided us all the way to decide whether its better for us to go for normal or C-section delivery. She supported us to finally go for a normal vaginal delivery at Cloud 9 – HAL Airport Road in Bangalore. The whole process went smoothly –I had planned to get admitted early morning but my “water” started to break the previous evening itself so I had to be taken to the hospital that same night. She was kept on a Non-Stress Test overnight; no drip/gel was given since the labor was advancing naturally. I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl after just a few of hours of labor and that too without requiring any medication/drip/gel/forceps! My husband was allowed to be with me all throughout and was also involved actively in the birthing process. I was able to hold my baby and breast-feed her within 30 minutes of the delivery in the labour room itself and I was able to walk on my own within a couple of hours of giving birth! Dr. Shobha remained supportive all throughout and her presence had a very calming effect on us, what was commendable was the fact that she was on personal leave at that time and yet gave us all required attention even thought that day had been a very busy one for her at the hospital with a large number of deliveries and c-sections scheduled!

Sraboni Saha

July 6, 2019

I offer my heartfelt thanks for the treatment and care I received under Dr Shoba Venkat’s careful supervision. I had a speedy recovery and all the credit goes to her and the wonderful service and staff of cloud nine OAR. I don’t have words to express my appreciation for the services provided, I was very much afraid when I was diagnosed with placenta previa and was advised of a C-Section, but she made my life as easy as possible and I did not have to pass through any hurdles. She made sure that all necessary arrangements were made prior surgery. In spite of many complications on my complete pregnancy duration she gave me encouragement and courage and was always by my side. She was always available by phone or email. You have always been kind and offered me the moral support when I was down with health problems. It is not just the treatment, but the care and empathy shown by doctors like you which makes the world a better place to live in. I would definitely recommended her to all as she is one on of the best doctors and will handle any situation smoothly. Thank you for all your support to bring my baby to this world.

Divya Srivatsava

July 6, 2019

I would recommend Dr Shobha Venkat to others for sure . She is so approachable and friendly and treat patients like her friend . I really like the way she treat and treat patient . I was consulting her from the very 1st Month of my wife’s pregnancy till delivery as well. Also to mention that she is a great Doctor as well. Meet her and relax , i think you no need to worry as long as you follow her advise during the 9 months. I would definitely recommend her all to be moms to consult her and you would be on a safe hand.

Divyam Lahon