July 6, 2019

The moment I talk to doctor Shobha Venkat,I used to get positive vibes. Fantastic doctor, proactively took care of all my complications. I delivered a healthy baby boy….she became my ray of hope after miscarriage and series of difficulties in life…having a child was a dream…doctor made it true.


July 6, 2019

We had visited Dr.Shobha at Cloudnine hospital for my pregnancy. She always gives a warm welcoming smile and had guided us throughout our pregnancy . She had suggested multiple growth scans for our baby as we were little concerned about her weight. The final growth scan showed a decline in my baby’s AC value and she told that we will have to plan delivery 2 weeks before EDD. But I was not dilated at all and chance for normal delivery was only 90%. We got a little panic but she was very supportive and she told we will try our maximum for normal delivery. She During next visit she told I have started dilating and we had a hope for normal delivery. 2 days after internal check up I got my labor pain and we went to C9 . She had informed us before that she will not be available in C9 for a couple of weeks but she will be there for delivery. The duty doctors at C9 talked to her and she reached hospital afternoon. She made us very much comfortable in the labor room. I finally had normal delivery and we are blessed with a baby girl. Dr. Shobha is always reachable. For whatever queries I had during my pregnancy she always responds through email/messages.She always prefers normal delivery and she helps us understand how much better it will be than C-section. Luckily I had normal delivery and within a week after delivery I was feeling all good. Thanks a lot to Dr. Shobha 🙂 I would certainly recommend her to my friends.

Soja Sateesh

July 6, 2019

Very caring and humble natured doctor, feels very happy when doctor speaks to my wife, takes great care and gives good suggestions and medications.


July 6, 2019

Very good doctor. After having first abortion consulted Dr. Shobha. Now I have given birth to the healthy baby. In the overall pregnancy period never felt worried even in the initial 3 months. She always makes us comfortable and provides very good solution to our problems. Some people used to tell she encourages csection which I found completely baseless because for me she always encouraged for normal delivery. And whenever I visited her I never felt I was visiting a doctor, and she always called me “magale” which in kannada means daughter. So my suggestion and recommendation is Dr. Shobha any time for gynec and pregnancy. Thanks a lot Dr. Shobha and goodluck for all your future endeavors.


July 6, 2019

It was an awesome experience I feel like I am meeting someone whom I know for a long time.She make me relax I discuss almost all the difficulties what I am facing in 2 months pregnancy and she suggest for few but important test which is required at this time I met her to takea second opinion But now I am sure that she is the one for whom I was searching and with whom I want to share my good’s and bad’s of this journey I feel safe under her guidance.

Monika Prabhu Sahu