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Dr. Shobha Venkat is one of the leading Obstetrics & Gynaecology specialists in India, with experience spanning over 25 years, rendering professional services


Being Mother

Experience the true bonds of a relationship with your baby!!

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Pre-conception Counselling

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Routine Pregnancy Care

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High Risk Pregnancy Care

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Pain less Normal Delivery and Caesarean Section

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Post Delivery Care

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Contraception & Fitness


Pregnancy and childbirth are God’s way of telling that “life goes on and the journey continues”. Pregnancy is an exclusive gift for women and should be nurtured effectively and mindfully. Getting quality healthcare during pregnancy & labour & post delivery is the reproductive rights of every woman & giving such care is our priority! Although most pregnancies go smoothly with no problems, every pregnancy and childbirth carries some amount of risk & hence It is very important to have regular pregnancy checkups. Complete pregnancy care is a teamwork involving doctors, family and patient herself. Right treatment at the right time at the right place by the right person should be the aim and goal. One should focus on all aspects of health like physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional health for the Healthy & Happy mother & Baby:)

Being Women

Experience the journey of womanhood with wellness and health!!

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Menstrual / Period Problems

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Cancer Screening

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Ovarian Cysts

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Polycystic Ovaries / PCOD

“The Welfare of the world has no chance unless the condition of women improves” is a well known quote from swami Vivekananda. Woman is recognised as a complete circle with the power to create ,nurture and transform. she remains as a centre around whom the entire family revolves. Infact it is true that if the lady of the house is healthy, inavariably entire family remains healthy. Its important that the family & she herself acknowledges this & get regular Healthcheckups done. With the recent advances in the medical field most of the gynecological problems can be prevented or diagnosed at an early stage & effective treatment is made possible.

"High-Risk Pregnancy" by Dr. Shobha Venkat

'High-Risk Pregnancy' by Dr. Shobha Venkat. #C9HealthTalk

Posted by Cloudnine Hospitals on Thursday, 29 November 2018