Kanimozhi Vignesh

We've been consulting with her for past 3 months and the process has been smooth so far. One more month to go for delivery. Our first baby (4 years now) was a C-Section, which was at our native town in TN. That Doctor did not try for Normal even while we were ready and our health conditions were normal. This this time around we are trying for a normal delivery & all tests are very positive and the growth of baby is fine. We have shifted the delivery to Bangalore only in hope of a normal delivery. Dr.Shoba is also hopeful if everything is in order and the baby's weight is okay, she will try for Normal delivery. Will update after our next visit in June 10th. Cheers..

Bala & Ramesh

First of all i must Thank GOD for directing me to Dr. Shobha Venkat. She is the Best Talented Gynaec as far as my experience concerned with her. after having consulted many renowned gynaecs for over 6 years I consulted Dr. Shobha Venkat. at my first consultation itself she filled me with positivity( most significant for conceiving) and gave me confidence about my conception. she shown great patience in going through the heap of reports of previous 6 years. she suggested the best medication and shown very good care, by even suggesting other doctors for the issues i had and which are not her domain. to my astonishment i conceived after my second cycle of menstruation (underwent HSG after first cycle).. And i had a healthy pregnancy, just by following her advice and medication regularly.By God's grace i am blessed with a baby boy on 9th may 2016 at Manipal hospital, Old Airport road. Dr.Shobha Venkat also paid attention to my priorities, as i wanted my delivery to be at auspicious time.she also helped me to recover fast after delivery. Thanking Dr.Shobha Venkat through this platform. i am ready to share my experience with the needy, you can contact me at 94482 90396. pl text SMS only.


The moment I talk to doctor Shobha Venkat,I used to get positive vibes. Fantastic doctor, proactively took care of all my complications. I delivered a healthy baby boy....she became my ray of hope after miscarriage and series of difficulties in life...having a child was a made it true.

Soja Sateesh

We had visited Dr.Shobha at Cloudnine hospital for my pregnancy. She always gives a warm welcoming smile and had guided us throughout our pregnancy . She had suggested multiple growth scans for our baby as we were little concerned about her weight. The final growth scan showed a decline in my baby's AC value and she told that we will have to plan delivery 2 weeks before EDD. But I was not dilated at all and chance for normal delivery was only 90%. We got a little panic but she was very supportive and she told we will try our maximum for normal delivery. She During next visit she told I have started dilating and we had a hope for normal delivery. 2 days after internal check up I got my labor pain and we went to C9 . She had informed us before that she will not be available in C9 for a couple of weeks but she will be there for delivery. The duty doctors at C9 talked to her and she reached hospital afternoon. She made us very much comfortable in the labor room. I finally had normal delivery and we are blessed with a baby girl. Dr. Shobha is always reachable. For whatever queries I had during my pregnancy she always responds through email/messages.She always prefers normal delivery and she helps us understand how much better it will be than C-section. Luckily I had normal delivery and within a week after delivery I was feeling all good. Thanks a lot to Dr. Shobha :) I would certainly recommend her to my friends.


Very caring and humble natured doctor, feels very happy when doctor speaks to my wife, takes great care and gives good suggestions and medications.


Very good doctor. After having first abortion consulted Dr. Shobha. Now I have given birth to the healthy baby. In the overall pregnancy period never felt worried even in the initial 3 months. She always makes us comfortable and provides very good solution to our problems.

Some people used to tell she encourages csection which I found completely baseless because for me she always encouraged for normal delivery. And whenever I visited her I never felt I was visiting a doctor, and she always called me "magale" which in kannada means daughter. So my suggestion and recommendation is Dr. Shobha any time for gynec and pregnancy. Thanks a lot Dr. Shobha and goodluck for all your future endeavors.

Monika Prabhu Sahu

It was an awesome experience I feel like I am meeting someone whom I know for a long time.She make me relax I discuss almost all the difficulties what I am facing in 2 months pregnancy and she suggest for few but important test which is required at this time I met her to take a second opinion But now I am sure that she is the one for whom I was searching and with whom I want to share my good's and bad's of this journey I feel safe under her guidance.


Extremely compassionate and skilled doctor. Very rare to find such doctors in today's time and age..


Our experience was gr8 with doctor Shobha, She always available over phone and mail in case of emergency. After second baby we go for family planning (Tubectomy surgery) and without any issue or complication you did great job. Thank you Dr. Shobha because of you, my wife second delivery goes very smooth.

Sraboni Saha

We were in favour of a normal delivery and Dr. Venkat guided us all the way to decide whether its better for us to go for normal or C-section delivery. She supported us to finally go for a normal vaginal delivery at Cloud 9 - HAL Airport Road in Bangalore. The whole process went smoothly - I had planned to get admitted early morning but my "water" started to break the previous evening itself so I had to be taken to the hospital that same night. She was kept on a Non-Stress Test overnight; no drip/gel was given since the labor was advancing naturally. I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl after just a few of hours of labor and that too without requiring any medication/drip/gel/forceps! My husband was allowed to be with me all throughout and was also involved actively in the birthing process. I was able to hold my baby and breast-feed her within 30 minutes of the delivery in the labour room itself and I was able to walk on my own within a couple of hours of giving birth! Dr. Shobha remained supportive all throughout and her presence had a very calming effect on us, what was commendable was the fact that she was on personal leave at that time and yet gave us all required attention even thought that day had been a very busy one for her at the hospital with a large number of deliveries and c-sections scheduled!

Divya Srivatsava

I offer my heartfelt thanks for the treatment and care I received under Dr Shoba Venkat's careful supervision. I had a speedy recovery and all the credit goes to her and the wonderful service and staff of cloud nine OAR. I don’t have words to express my appreciation for the services provided, I was very much afraid when I was diagnosed with placenta previa and was advised of a C-Section, but she made my life as easy as possible and I did not have to pass through any hurdles. She made sure that all necessary arrangements were made prior surgery. In spite of many complications on my complete pregnancy duration she gave me encouragement and courage and was always by my side. She was always available by phone or email. You have always been kind and offered me the moral support when I was down with health problems. It is not just the treatment, but the care and empathy shown by doctors like you which makes the world a better place to live in. I would definitely recommended her to all as she is one on of the best doctors and will handle any situation smoothly. Thank you for all your support to bring my baby to this world.

Divyam Lahon

I would recommend Dr Shobha Venkat to others for sure . She is so approachable and friendly and treat patients like her friend . I really like the way she treat and treat patient . I was consulting her from the very 1st Month of my wife's pregnancy till delivery as well. Also to mention that she is a great Doctor as well. Meet her and relax , i think you no need to worry as long as you follow her advise during the 9 months. I would definitely recommend her all to be moms to consult her and you would be on a safe hand.


I was diagnosed with thyroid problem during my pregnancy and I was worried about baby's development because of this, and I had to choose one of the good doctors, and my neighbour suggested Dr. Shobha Venkat, and we started consulting her. It was wonderful experience, she listened to all our concerns and we never felt any worries, though there were complication in surgery due to previous C section, there was no much pain after the surgery as the previous one and the baby is also doing fine. We thank her for all the support and guidance.

Anu Mary & Manu Philip

It is with extreme gratitude that we write this email to you. We truly believe that it was a miracle that God has introduced you as an angel to us and that is the best reason to explain on the new addition to our family.
We highly appreciate you on your wonderful guidance , angelic approach and timely support which has helped in the safe birth of our baby boy on 24th Sep'15 at Cloudnine,OAR.
We hope and pray that you be a blessing to many lives.

Jitendra and Sahitya Lakshmi

Myself and my wife wanted to say thanks to you. My wife Sahitya was treated by you for her second pregnancy. Actually we were having so much of worries about the second delivery, as our first baby born at 30th week of pregnancy. We have to keep our first baby in incubator about 38 days to bring him home and it was unprepared pain to us.

Having knowing the first pregnancy history, you have really treated my wife well by addressing all her concerns. You have given good confidence to her through your interactions on every visit. You have taken care of all medical needs timely, ensuring wellbeing of her and good baby growth. We felt very happy that our second son is born during 35 week and healthy. We could take him home along with mother discharge. Our sincere thanks to you once again

Smriti Kumari

We had two missed abortions last year. In both the cases no heartbeat was seen. We underwent all possible kinds of tests for both husband & wife. Nothing significant was found. We finally came to Dr.Shobha Venkat. She gave us time to listen to our problem and suggest to do some tests and medicine. We are very happy as I conceived naturally am in 7 weeks 5 days from LMP. We have seen heartbeat also.


We (Hema & Amarish) married six years ago and already had one girl baby, my wife conceived for the second time but unfortunately got aborted after few months. After one year gap we planned and hoped for a new addition to our family. But we were unsuccessful. While in search of the best gynecologist close to our area, we came across Dr Shobha Venkat. After consultation with her we instantly felt that we were in the right place. Before the consultation I had the entire history of my wife ready including complications and a questionnaire to clear our worries.During consultation we started with general talks and after a few minutes of discussions all my questions got answered. We were impressed with her patience and polite talks which increased our confidence. Later tests and scans revealed that my wife had PCOD and a few improper blood parameters for which she underwent medication for three months

Later with doctors timely guidance my wife conceived and we had regular check-ups. She had enough patience to answer all our queries. We have also gave Her enough troubles through messages and pretty long mails, inspite of all this we had answers for every message we dropped by end of the day. Our real worry started in the eighth month, because our first kid was born in 36+3 weeks, even though doctor was aware and she had taken care We were well informed in what situations we should rush to the hospital and whom to contact etc.. In 36th week wife felt continuous pain so we came to Cloudnine,they took few NST’s and confirmed it was false pain, I genuinely appreciate the service because it is simple and beautiful. Our tensions continued after that also , because we have to drive minimum 15to 20 KM to reach hospitals beating heavy traffics. Doctor told we have patients visiting from out stations also.we were opting for family planning and also the baby weight tended towards 3.6 which was reducing the normal chances. After 38 weeks we opted for c-section. We decided on the day and remaining process went peacefully because we were in Cloudnine, I believe you cannot be in safer hands for maternity and pediatrics. After 48hrs of the admission we reached home with both mother and baby doing fine.


I would like to introduce myself as G. Sambhavi (Id: 228054) and i had been consulting you at cloud nine, old airport road. I delivered baby boy on 18th of December . We have named him Niranjan.

I would like to thank you very much for the support that you gave me through my pregnancy period and during delivery. When we met you before getting admitted you guaranteed 200% for the safety of me and the baby which made me overcome all the fear that i had about delivery.

I would like to share my delivery experience in brief.

My Delivery Experience

With the dream and joy of holding little one in our arms soon , we started to cloudnine hospital on 17th dec at 10:30 pm to get admitted. Soon the fear of bearing the labor pain and the procedures that i went through for delivery preparation overtook my joy. The fear increased when i heard i had to deliver by c section as my labour did not progress. I was taken to the OT on 18th of dec at around 9:30 am . As i waited there, i asked the anesthetist a lot of questions ( i do not know his name) and he answered it very patiently . Dr. Shobha Madam came there and she greeted me with a warm smile and said that baby would be out in 2-3 minutes and that brought down my adrenalin rush. And exactly at 9:58 am my little baby boy was born . All the fear, pain had vanished as soon as i kissed my baby.

I would like to thank Dr. Shobha Mam, the duty doctors, anesthetist, the duty nurses at cloud nine who made the whole experience easy for me and made me recover soon from the surgery .

Lavanya Brijesh

I am meeting Dr.Shobha Venkat since 2009. She is very lovely Doctor with lots of patients. Whatever doubts I have she is ready to answer. She is very friendly to me, she is like my mother, adviser, and supportive person. Just that she is kind supportive to people . I have recommended so many of my friends and family members. Hygiene clinic.


This is my first pregnancy and I changed two doctors before I finally decided to consult Dr.Shobha Venkat at Bhargavi Clinic. At Bhargavi I found of my peace of mind and I content with the care being provided. The doctor and the staff at Bhargavi are very polite and prompt. Also I must mention that the place is very well kept & maintained.

Uma Rani

I am under the care and guidance of Dr.Shobha venkat right from my start of my pregnancy. Me & my husband are very much satisfied with the way she takes care during every visits. Her patience and kindness matters for all the patients. Also to note she never rushes with any patient although of the huge number of patients waiting for her. It’s really makes us feel worthy and feel safe though we are travelling far from Whitefield to Bhargavi Clinic. Thanks to all friends & neighbours who have suggested me to visit Dr.Shobha Venkat.


Bhargavi Clinic located at Indiranagar is one of the best Gynaecology clinic in Bangalore. Dr.Shobha Venkat, who runs that clinic, is soft spoken, polite and most understandable person. She treats her clients in a more comfortable way that they come repeatedly to her for any complaints. The way she handles the clients in labour ward is awesome. She understands the pain and consoles. Comforts her patients in a friendly way so that they feel safe in her hands. Because of all her characters. I referred her to my friends and family members. She is the best Gynaec in Bangalore and anyone can look up her for any health related queries.

Amrita sen Iyerh

It has been a pleasure coming to ‘ Bhargavi’ and consulting Dr.Shobha Venkat. Some points which made us comfortable • Streamlined manner of handling appointments • Hygienic environment • Polite & friendly staff • Doctor has been very patient and supportive Excellent treatment We definitely feel we are in safe hands. Thank you very much

Malvika Singha

Doctor Shobha is very caring & approachable and the clinic hospitality is also very good.


We had a wonderful experience consulting Dr.Shobha Venkat for my second pregnancy at Cloud Nine last year. We came here for a consultation regarding a Fibroid in uterus. Dr advised for a scan and explained us the details of approach towards treating the same. We are happy, satisfied & will recommend Dr.Shobha Venkat to our friends seeking consultation in gynecology.

Amrita Singh

We wanted to have normal delivery for our first child. One of our friend recommended Dr.Shobha Venkat. With every visit to her, all our concerns, tensions and questions were happily answered by the doctor. During the delivery process also, doctor was available all the time (we had called her couple of times during the night as well). We had a very comfortable and normal delivery. Thanks to doctor. Everything during delivery went as per expectations. We highly recommended Dr.Shobha Venkat to all our friends.


We had our successful Normal Delivery done by you on 27th Jan 2015(baby girl), Thanks a lot for your kind help ,support and guidance at each phase of pregnancy,especially your positive vibes including your positive smile :) that appears with your presence , We are really grateful to have Normal Delivery under your guidance which is very rare now a days.You have been preparing her mentally apart from medication treatment.
Thanks a lot doctor on behalf of Reetika,Myself and our baby :)

Deepa Raghunath

We would like to thank you Dr. Sobha Venkat for making those 9 months pleasant and memorable for a lifetime. We can never thank you enough for the advise, help, guidance you have given us through this 9 months.
One person who always made me feel on top of the world. She would always wear a smile to welcome us at her clinic. Thanks to her we chose cloud nine hospital for my first delivery which is indeed the most valuable decision we took. I would like to thank my doctor Dr. Sobha Venkat, nutritionist, pediatrician (Dr. Meghna Monacha), all the nurses who helped me through my pain with their smiles and the lactation consultants.

Tara Moorthy

You made my journey of becoming a mother nothing less than a dream come true. It was your reassuring words which gave me strength to pull through these 9 long months. I can’t thank you enough for bringing into this world my most precious bundle of joy.

Tara’s Parents (Moorthy Venkataraman, Shanthi Moorthy ) : We are all your admirers.We appreciate your professional skill & care and concern for young mothers to be. With Hypothyroidism / Two growing Fibroids/ Gestational Diabetics, normal delivery was a distant possibility. But you made it ‘HAPPEN’. Our daughter Tara trusted you, as she would ‘A Goddess’.We also appreciate your unassuming style of functioning. You connect with people effortlessly.

Bhargavi Clinic : 080 2528 9292
: +91 9945602934
Cloudnine : 080- 6799 9999
Manipal Hospital : +91 9845324387
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