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Dr. Shobha Venkat is recognized as the Best Gynaecologists in India with the Highest Review Rating.

Dr. Shobha Venkat



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Dr. Shoba Venkat is one of the leading Obstetrics & Gynaecology specialists in India, with experience spanning over 20 years, rendering professional services


Bhargavi Clinic : 080 2528 9292
: +91 9945602934
Cloudnine : 080- 6799 9999
Manipal Hospital : +91 9845324387

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  • Kanimozhi Vignesh

We've been consulting with her for past 3 months and the process has been smooth so far. One more month to go for delivery. Our first baby (4 years now) was a C-Section, which was at our native town in TN. That Doctor did not try for Normal even while we were ready and our health conditions were normal.

  • Bala & Ramesh

First of all i must Thank GOD for directing me to Dr. Shobha Venkat. She is the Best Talented Gynaec as far as my experience concerned with her. after having consulted many renowned gynaecs for over 6 years

  • Rekha

The moment I talk to doctor Shobha Venkat,I used to get positive vibes. Fantastic doctor, proactively took care of all my complications. I delivered a healthy baby boy....